Energy Statements and
Sustainability Reports

As part of your planning application you may be required to submit either an Energy Statement and or a Sustainability report. Generally, this requirement is only for sites over 10 dwellings. The information that is required is dependent on local planning policy. Eden SAP Services can provide you with both these documents.

Energy Statements are reports showing how a project would meet the local authority planning policy or planning conditions. The policy can relate to a reduction in carbon emissions or state a percentage of the energy demand must be achieved via renewable technologies, for example PV panels. The policy wording and how you should meet the requirements varies between different local authorities.

Sustainability Reports are produced to demonstrate how the proposed development will use a range of sustainability measures which will reduce the impact on the environment in general. The measures implemented should follow the principles of: Be Lean (reducing the energy demand) Be Clean (reducing carbon emissions via technology) and Be Green (looking a renewable energy options). As well as reducing the impact on the environment measures will also help reduce the running costs to the homeowner/residents .

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