Part O Calculations and Other services

Part O (overheating) calculations

Whether you require a Part O calculation for a single dwelling or a site of 100 plus new dwellings, Eden SAP Services can help.

To satisfy the requirements of the Building Regulations Part O (overheating) each new dwelling must be modelled to show overheating is not an issue, or to demonstrate mitigation measures for limiting overheating. This can have a significant impact on the overall scheme layout and elevation design on your project. We have the expertise to help you overcome the challenges Part O can present and achieve compliance using either the simplified calculation method, or the dynamic thermal modelling method.

At Eden SAP Services we feel it is not just about complying with the Building Regulations. The specifications and solutions we provide need to be buildable, cost effective and practical for the householder. This is why we work with you taking on board your preferences and offering you guidance rather than offer an ‘off-the-shelf’ method, which, whilst achieving compliance may not meet either your clients or your needs and expectations.

We can be involved in your project at any stage, although engaging with us early in the design process, prior to submission of your planning application can save you time and money. It can also avoid significant design changes in order to comply with Part O that require planning application resubmission and increase project costs.

As with SAP Calculations, we can help at the tender stage, providing guidance on Part O compliance that can help to give you more certainty in your build costings.

Overglazing SAP Calculation for extension, Welburn, Yorkshire
Overheating Risk

Home Quality Mark Assessments (HQM)

Following the withdrawal of CSH in 2015, the Building Research Establishment (BRE) introduced a new voluntary housing standard, The Home Quality Mark (HQM):

“The Home Quality Mark (HQM) provides housing developers with the tools they need to convince customers of the quality and added benefits of their new homes – such as being likely to need less maintenance, being cheaper to run, better located, and more able to cope with the demands of a changing climate.”– BRE

In simple terms, the HQM is an environmental and occupant well-being assessment method for new build homes. It helps developers and construction companies demonstrate the high quality of their homes and it gives householders confidence they are choosing a new home to buy or rent that is well design, built and cost effective to run.

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